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Rumpelstiltskin // ASL Video Story

Rumpelstiltskin // ASL Video Story

A retelling of the classic fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin in American Sign Language. This retelling, by Whitney, is based on the children’s book by Paul O. Zelinsky. Courtesy of Gary Wellbrock.   0


Oliver and Jumpy: Molly // Video story

This is the first story in my series “Oliver and Jumpy”. Oliver is a black tomcat with a white top hat. His best friend is Jumpy, a kangaroo lady and later on in the series her son Joey. They live in a place called Sillandia, the silly country, and experience all sorts of adventures. Do […]


Toby, the little star dog // Video tale

Toby is a little star dog which is living in the space and who is observing and watching the stars arround him. One day he finds something that changed his life. It is the beginning of a wonderful adventure… A new children story in video edition!!! Click on “Read more” to see the video!   […]


English Fairy Tales // Tom Tit Tot

Rumpelstiltskin (AKA Tom Tit Tot) is the eponymous character and antagonist of a fairy tale which originated in Germany (where he is known as Rumpelstilzchen). The tale was collected by the Brothers Grimm, who first published it in the 1812 edition of Children’s and Household Tales. It was subsequently revised in later editions. Joseph Jacobs […]


An Alphabet of Celebrities

Videobook from Oliver Herford “An Alphabet of Celebrities” Interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages, you can choose the transcription in your own language!!! Audio courtesy of Librivox.Read by Rhonda Federman. The videobook is courtesy of CCProse and all rights are reserved. Click on “read more” to see the video. 0

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