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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once there lived three grumpy bears Papa Bear Mama Bear and a little Baby Bear One day the mother of the three bear Prepared porridge with a great care And served it in a China ware She said it is hot And when it will be a little cold you’ll love it a lot So […]


My fingers they went for a walk

My fingers they went for a walk,And came to the land of wokntok.A far away land with beauty to see,White rolling clouds and black bumble bee.The trees, they were huge and green,The flowers, of many hues and sheen.Animals scampered here and there,Tiny streams flowed everywhere. They walked up the hill,And rolled down the side.And in […]


The teacher

I’d like to be a teacher, and have a clever brain, Calling out, “Attention, please!” and “Must I speak in vain?” I’d be quite strict with boys and girls whose minds I had to train, And all the books and maps and things I’d carefully explain; I’d make then learn the dates of kings, and […]

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