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Fables and fairy tales

beckys-giftThe nine-year-old Becky lived happily with her family in a cosy small cottage near a green wood in the English country. Her mother, Alison, took care of the house and the orchard and her father, Bob, was a woodsman. Their life was peaceful and serene.

Becky was a tall, slim and aerial girl with blue dreaming eyes and golden hair. She was very kindhearted and loved her parents so much, she would do anything for them.

She was a very special girl, she had a gift: she could understand plants and they talked to her.

She liked to go into the wood, sit down under a tree and talk with branches, flowers and leaves.

She used to have long conversations with them and spend there whole mornings and afternoons. Trees were her dear friends and wise teachers. Thanks to them she had learnt the four seasons and how they affected all the world around, the beauty of the country in Spring, the full splendor of colours in Summer, their marvellous changing in Autumn and the whiteness of Winter when nature sleeps waiting for Spring.


cenerentolaThis is not just another re-rendering of the so very popular Fairy Tale with the same name (‘Cinderella’) by Grimm Brothers. It is a thoroughly mistaken notion to put away this work as uninteresting and lackluster with just a look at the title.  The wise reader must read himself and then decide.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far way, there lived a beautiful girl named Ella with her very wicked step-mother and her two equally detestable step-sisters.  Her step-mother was as cruel by nature as she was ugly by appearance. She made Ella work really hard with not a single kind word for all her hard work. 

While her undeserving daughters enjoyed the pleasures and luxuries of life, Ella toiled hard, day in and out.  The lazy step-sisters made Ella do all their work while they indulged in idle gossip. Ella was as sweet-tempered and kind-hearted as her late mother who had been the embodiment of goodness and kindness during her lifetime. Then when Ella’s Father had remarried after her death, things had taken a harsh turn for poor Ella.


little-reds-revengeFirst you must know the wonderful story of Little Red Riding Hood. If you don't know, the wolf ate up her grandma and then ate Little Red up too! But the woodcutter saved the day and got them back. So this is the story of how the woodcutter, grandma Red, and Little Red got the wolf back!

Once upon a time, lived a little girl. She had a little red riding hood that was given her, that she wore so much, that everybody caled her Little Red Riding Hood. She had a grandma who was very ill. Her and her grandma didn't see eachother much because they both lived in different villages. But one, sunny, autumn day, Little Red got a call from her grandmother.

"Little Red Riding Hood, do you remember that nasty old wolf?" asked Grandma.


wonderful-pitcher-plantOriginal story by Nilum Jajodia

This story is intended for the child studying in Upper Kindergarten and the pitcher plant is a part of their environmental studies curriculum.


In the beginning of time man had a tail. As man started to walk on 2 legs and use his hands effectively, his tail slowly disappeared. Now man has no tail. This is called biological evolution. Biological evolution does not happen in the blink of an eye. Indeed it takes millions of years.

We have been learning about plants and have seen many beautiful plants and flowers in our journey through the plant kingdom. We have seen how they make food; we have seen how they draw food from the soil, to help them grow.

Today I am going to tell you the story of a plant which changed itself so that it would not go hungry.


lalis-memory copyThe villagers of Kugaon village in North India were divided over cast. There were a large segment of upper cast and a smaller section of lower caste living on the opposites sides of the village, having their own independent farms, wells, schools, etc. However, there was a common hill not too far from the village which was a gateway to another state.

An eight year old girl called Sita belonging to another village came to live with her uncle for a few years, because her father had gone to the city in search of better financial prospects. Her uncle was one of the members of the village panchayat and by default belonging to upper caste. She loved exploring the countryside. She was strictly warned from venturing into the other side by her uncle.

Sita, once went to play with a few neighboring kids on the hill, after some time, all the children left and Sita remained on the hill playing on a large tree. She was unaware that her friends had abandoned her and she waited for someone to catch her, while they played hide and seek. It was a long time and Sita grew worried, suddenly she heard a sound and saw a girl, whom she had never met before carrying a bundle of wild twigs, who rested below the very tree Sita was hiding.


goose-springtimeThere once was a Winter so fierce and freezing that even the air was turning to ice.

The snow was so deep that it buried barns, farms and entire forests and the wind wailed as fierce as fire and burned the skin. And worst of all, April was almost over and there seemed to be no end to this blast of icy misery.

Despite the pressure of tons of prayers for Spring to come and melt the snow, Winter persisted.

The animals in the woods were running out of food. Some had frozen to death when they had gone out and tried to find food for their young. The situation was so grim that there was nothing left to do but cry, but the tears froze as they left the eyes.

This was the way it was for a fairly long time; until the geese started to fly north again as they always do when it's springtime.


dunnyOnce there were three children, three brothers, who played together in the sunshine about their father's door. Now the youngest of them all was not as large and strong as his brothers; and for that reason they often teased him, saying : "You are not as tall as we. You cannot run as fast. See! we can jump farther and swing higher than you."

If ever they wrestled together, the youngest was the first to be thrown to the ground ; and no matter what he tried to do, the others always laughed, and called out: "Oh! you are so stupid. That is not the way. Let me show you how, you dunny!" So after a while they called him nothing but Dunny.


true-colorsMarie awoke to the sound of a sudden shatter. It was near sunrise and she was still dazed from her night’s dream.

“Who’s there? If you don’t come out, I’ll have to get my guards to come and slaughter you,” she said, but was met with only silence.

She was uncertain as to what it was but looked around, afraid to find what awaited her. She turned around and to her relief, found only her mirror lying beside her unharmed. However, she didn’t go back to sleep and continued to gaze into the mirror admiring her reflection in the dim light.

When the sun had fully risen, she grabbed her mirror and headed down the winding staircase to the breakfast hall of her mansion which smelled like sausages, bacon, and all sorts of breakfast foods. Her father, Blaine Richmount was a budding investment guru and could therefore afford the finest things for his vain and lazy daughter.



ice-heart-princessOnce upon a time, in a magical world on the edge of imagination, was a princess with a heart as cold and empty as ice. She had the most electrifying clear blue eyes, and the most silver hair that any girl in the kingdoms would have died for. She had anything anyone could ever wish for, but she was still unsatisfied. She had all the men and princes throughout all the kingdoms wishing to marry her, and yet she had not batted an eyelash. She had the most enchanting, most perfect life, and still she felt nothing. She was immune to any love in the world, and cared for nothing but one thing: She wanted to live forever.

With immortality, she would be able to explore all the knowledge and magic in the world. She would be a legend to last for eternity. She explored all the lands, books and scrolls, in order for just a tiny hint at the secret of immortality, and on one fateful day, she discovered the Earth Spirit. The Earth Spirit was said to grant any wish to the person who could find her, and the princess knew that she had to find the Spirit to get her wish.


witch-devilJust before being nice was invented there was a rather pretty girl called Gurlina, who everyone in the world hated. No matter where she went she was ridiculed, taunted, and even punched. She wasn’t sure why; she certainly never did anything to provoke anyone.  Maybe it’s because I have freckles? But others had freckles so that couldn’t be it, she thought. Maybe it’s because I have bad vision? But others had bad vision too, so she knew that couldn’t be it.

She stared in the mirror all day trying to find out what it was about her that everyone hated so much, but she could find nothing. Little did she know that this was a time when being mean was entertainment.

Before long Gurlina could bear it no more and ran far away where she hoped never to see people again. She found a little wooded grove on the edge of a cliff where the sun never shines completely. There she built a small cottage and braced herself for a long life of isolation. However, as people were so fond of hating, they tracked her down and organized special tours to go to her cottage and torment her with insults and play mean tricks on her and laugh at her. This made her cry, which made everyone laugh even more.


metal-bark-and-whispers-soupIn the darkest, dampest, foggiest, and smelliest part of the forest, there lived a tiny witch the size of the tip of a hair. She lived comfortably in the sap of a tree. She had experience in almost everything and enjoyed nagging her slaves into molding her sap palace.

But she was also an impressive scientist; these slaves were her own creation painstakingly prepared from raindrops. She gave them limbs made of ice and flower seeds, and forced them to do her housework. She was so powerful she could rally the wind and turn it into chariots or locomotives and spend months on vacation if that was what pleased her.


why-water-clearHave you ever asked the question why water is clear?

Have you ever gotten the answer?

Well do you still wanna know?

One day there was a lonely girl named Terry reed who was sitting by the tree close by the river bank. She wasn't suppose to but she did it anyway. She knew no one would find her and she liked it that way.


genourous-birdsThere were two doves in a forest .

One day, a bird catcher came to their tree.

It rained nicely so, he stayed there.

The birds saw him shivering.

The female dove said , husband, as he is under our tree we should treat him as our guest.


everlastOnce upon a time, on a faraway place where just king and queen reigned on a peaceful kingdom, there was a beautiful mist-covered little town in a verge of a dense forest. People called this town Everl'ast. This town was surrounded by thick black walls, and was very quiet. The people in the kingdom believed that this town was deserted from years ago. But every month when there was a full moon, people could always hear faint sounds from the town, as if some townspeople made party inside Everl'ast. At this period of time, there was some kind of magic which lured people who unluckily walked past the town. People had been reported missing every month on the full moon. Some living witness said that the missing people walked in to the town and never walked out of it.


on-the-beachDad located Gaby's silhouette outlined against the background of the splashing wave. Minutes earlier, they had seen together how the stone, flat as a table, sent off a silvery spasm. It was a slight ray taken from the sun, turned into a golden iridescent greenish blue. The tiny curls of steam from those mirrors emanated an unnoticeable salty haze, heightened by the midday heat. Before them, the bright spike curved in the air, trying to free itself, gasping deaf cries that got embedded in the thin sieve, tight less than a minute ago, but relaxed now, twisting in circles trying unsuccessfully to catch the stones around Dad´s hands, Gaby's feet.

Poor thing, the girl´s voice rode gracefully on the splashing sound of the sea, I feel sorry for the little fish. Dad´s fingers got lost in the fish´s mouth, broke the small-toothed smile, gave way to the right hand. His inexperience was revealed in his clumsiness. He struggled for several seconds with the tangle of sieve.


iffyIt was quiet in the room. I had been listening to the morning for a while. There was nothing in particular – all the same: birds singing cheerfully, our neighbor, quite an elderly woman, talking her dog off for the whole-night absence, the next-door neighbor’s cat was stealing into the house after rather a hectic and tiring night urging for some rest.

All the same it was as every single morning in our street and, probably, in the whole town. I had stayed in bed with my eyes closed a bit more, before opening them and meeting my room – the same room as it was yesterday, the day before yesterday, a week ago, a year ago, ever since I remembered myself. The sun emerged into the room through the curtains. It always examined the room as if trying to find anything worth paying attention, but left as soon as it was eleven, perhaps to check other places and linger on something more fascinating.


keyOnce upon A Time, there was an old poor woman that was homeless. She hadn't eaten for some days and was dying. One afternoon she was walking around a forest looking for some food. She lost the last drop of her energy and felt down.  She felt something hard on her hand. She picked it up and …………. it was a key !!!

It was a very important key:  it was the key of the secret of time. But for the old lady it was only a golden and diamond key


naggingsOnce upon a time and a long time ago there was a wonderful kingdom called Kingdom of the East ...

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