Fairy tales and fables

traditions and reality through imagination

Fairy tales and fables allows to face a wide variety of topics using the stuff that dreams dreams are made of: desires and emotions, without barriers. Fairy tales and fables for children - the younger and older ones - give many different messages by who and how tells us. Fairy tales and fables offer the opportunity to tell the world that surrounds us. Let's try together.

"I believe fairy tales are true, fully taken, in their ever-repeated and always varied series of human events, a general explanation of life, born in ancient times and preserved in the peasant consciousness slow down to us; are the possible fates of every man and woman" (Italo Calvino).

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why-water-clearHave you ever asked the question why water is clear?

Have you ever gotten the answer?

Well do you still wanna know?

One day there was a lonely girl named Terry reed who was sitting by the tree close by the river bank. She wasn't suppose to but she did it anyway. She knew no one would find her and she liked it that way.


three-silliesOnce upon a time there was a farmer and his wife who had one daughter, and she was courted by a gentleman. Every evening he used to come and see her, and stop to supper at the farmhouse, and the daughter used to be sent down into the cellar to draw the beer for supper.

So one evening she had gone down to draw the beer, and she happened to look up at the ceiling while she was drawing, and she saw a mallet stuck in one of the beams. It must have been there a long, long time, but somehow or other she had never noticed it before, and she began a- thinking.


monkey-crocodileOnce upon a time there lived a monkey named Red-face on a tree by the side of the sea. The tree was an apple tree and the fruits it bore were sweet as nectar. Once a crocodile named Ugly-Mug swam ashore and Red-face threw apples at him and asked him to taste them. Ugly-Mug started coming everyday ashore and eat the fruits thrown by Red-face and soon they became good friends. Ugly-Mug used to take some fruits to his home to his wife.

His wife was a greedy lady and asked him as to where he got the nectar filled apples.



All chapters here.

"Second to the right, and straight on till morning."

That, Peter had told Wendy, was the way to the Neverland; but even birds, carrying maps and consulting them at windy corners, could not have sighted it with these instructions. Peter, you see, just said anything that came into his head.

At first his companions trusted him implicitly, and so great were the delights of flying that they wasted time circling round church spires or any other tall objects on the way that took their fancy.

John and Michael raced, Michael getting a start.


birth-death-uzbekistanThere is a country which is living completely with the social projects.

But problem is that they never know that this is social project - they call it being a Human.

From birth of the child of their Neighbour or Friend each of the acquaintance or the friend trying to visit this family with their gift for the child. Usually these gifts are clothes.

The same time guest are having meal together and making very nice wishes to the new born child.

The same time these people taking part in both helping position one is feeding another one giving clothes.


vasilisa-beautifulOnce upon a time in some kingdom there lived a merchant. He had been married for twelve years and had only one child, a little girl called Vasilisa the Beautiful. When Vasilisa was eight years old, her mother died. Before her death, the merchant's wife called Vasilisa to her side, took out a doll from the blanket, gave it to the girl and said: "Listen to me Vasilisa! Remember my last words and do as I tell you. I'm dying.

Take this doll together with my blessing. Keep the doll always with you wherever you go and never show it to anybody. If anything bad happens to you, just give the doll something to eat and ask her advice. The woman gave her daughter a last kiss and died.



One morning the old Water-rat put his head out of his hole. He had bright beady eyes and stiff grey whiskers and his tail was like a long bit of black india-rubber. The little ducks were swimming about in the pond, looking just like a lot of yellow canaries, and their mother, who was pure white with real red legs, was trying to teach them how to stand on their heads in the water.

"You will never be in the best society unless you can stand on your heads," she kept saying to them; and every now and then she showed them how it was done. But the little ducks paid no attention to her. They were so young that they did not know what an advantage it is to be in society at all.



All chapters here.

For a moment after Mr. and Mrs. Darling left the house the night-lights by the beds of the three children continued to burn clearly. They were awfully nice little night-lights, and one cannot help wishing that they could have kept awake to see Peter; but Wendy's light blinked and gave such a yawn that the other two yawned also, and before they could close their mouths all the three went out.

There was another light in the room now, a thousand times brighter than the night-lights, and in the time we have taken to say this, it had been in all the drawers in the nursery, looking for Peter's shadow, rummaged the wardrobe and turned every pocket inside out. It was not really a light; it made this light by flashing about so quickly, but when it came to rest for a second you saw it was a fairy, no longer than your hand, but still growing.


genourous-birdsThere were two doves in a forest .

One day, a bird catcher came to their tree.

It rained nicely so, he stayed there.

The birds saw him shivering.

The female dove said , husband, as he is under our tree we should treat him as our guest.


everlastOnce upon a time, on a faraway place where just king and queen reigned on a peaceful kingdom, there was a beautiful mist-covered little town in a verge of a dense forest. People called this town Everl'ast. This town was surrounded by thick black walls, and was very quiet. The people in the kingdom believed that this town was deserted from years ago. But every month when there was a full moon, people could always hear faint sounds from the town, as if some townspeople made party inside Everl'ast. At this period of time, there was some kind of magic which lured people who unluckily walked past the town. People had been reported missing every month on the full moon. Some living witness said that the missing people walked in to the town and never walked out of it.