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An old story has a new read

An old story has a new read

The internet has transformed the most traditional things in our culture. Of course, online access has caused people to shop, communicate, and gain information in an entirely different way. But we even do things like consume classic literature and new versions of those classics in a different way, as visitors to I Tell You A Story know. The tales that have been handed down through generations have survived the test of time because of their reflection on traditional elements of our culture.


An old tale

Grimm even addressed the subject of gambling in one of the dozens of tales he left us. That’s because gambling was as much a part of his culture as it is today. In Grimm’s story, Gambling Hansel won – and then lost – half of the world, and the pieces of his soul exist in gambling vagabonds to this very day. Those gambling vagabonds have today found the internet, and the transformation online access has had on the traditional pastime of wagering is evidence of how this high-tech world has changed elements of our culture. Casinos have been around ever since the gambling halls that Hansel visited. That’s because the notion of wagering has been with us since there has been currency or something to barter. And casinos have proven to be an entertaining recreation for centuries.

But the traditional pastime took on a new look when the internet arrived a people discovered they could play their favorite games in their own homes. Then smartphones and tablets made it possible for people to carry their own games around with them wherever they went and play them wherever they had online access.

A new take

Now casinos are an online industry that takes in billions of dollars each year because of the popularity of the pastime. There are even “shopping malls” for online casinos, destinations for people looking for the right site to play their favorite games. These websites serve as hubs of information on a variety of sites. A person can even get online casino reviews that offer upfront opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of playing a particular site. Other than online casino reviews, players can get information on software and payment/withdrawal systems. Websites with things such as online casino reviews provide good examples of how the internet has changed the traditional pastimes of our culture. They are new takes on the old stories of gambling.

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