Phoebe and the Raven

“Madam Witch, I have a proposal.”

Spring has just arrived and Phoebe is strolling in the woods. She looks around: where is the voice coming from?

“I’m up here on a branch of this tree.”

A handsome black raven is trying to attract Phoebe’s attention. Curious, she raises her gaze. She loves being called Madam Witch.

“And what is your proposal, Sir Black Raven?”

“They say that you are lacking a raven. I don’t want you to imagine for a moment that I am thinking of my own interests, but at the moment I happen to be available.”

Every true witch needs a raven sidekick! Seize the opportunity, Phoebe!

An hour later Phoebe arrives at the hut. She has an air of playful mystery.

“Come out of the sugar bowl, Cricket. Guess whom I have brought home with me? You won’t be able to complain that you are lonely anymore.”

“A bird! A bloody bird! You know fine well that birds and crickets don’t get on! Mother Cricket tells bedtime stories of monstrous crows that carry away little crickets! In addition, what am I supposed to do with this black duck? Yet another beak to feed!”

The other beak to feed wants to make himself useful:

“Madam Witch I know a Chinese recipe for roast cricket….”

Phoebe does not want squabbling in the house, not today. Not now, she is a real witch. She has a raven, a raven who will, at the drop of a hat, deliver custom made, conjured up magic potions and poisoned apples door to door.

“Come out of the sugar bowl silly cricket, I want you to be friends.”

The cricket is gazing intently at the raven, who he seems to recognise from somewhere.

As a gesture of friendship, he jumps onto the raven’s back and begins to scratch his feathers.

“How dare you jump on my back? Get down at once!”

Phoebe goes to take the cricket between her fingers, but stops, and looks in amazement at the raven’s back. A little grey mark has appeared on the raven’s black feathers.

“Now I remember where I have seen this lazy fowl, Phoebe! At the Post Office! He is a mail carrier, a carrier pigeon! The fake crow is really a pigeon!”

The so-called raven tries to hide under a chair.

“It’s not true; I’m a raven, a witch’s raven!”

“Oh yes? You’re a raven?” mocks the cricket. “Then, speak in raven language; let’s hear a good kra kra!”

“Coo coo. I must have caught a cold. ”

The pigeon seeks refuge under the sideboard but Phoebe is hot on his heels.

“Come out Mr Pigeon or I’ll turn you into something that you won’t like!”

“You don’t scare me with your magic wand. Everyone in the forest knows that you are a hopeless witch!”

Phoebe is furious “Now you will see what happens to lying pigeons! Cricket, open the recipe book at the page for pigeon recipes. This con artist is about to become roast pigeon!”